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Supply Chain Management

Every aspect of the supply chain plays a key role in the success or failure of a product. Since its inception, Nomo has seen the supply chain as an integral part of itself. Not only does Nomo have stringent quality control standards for the introduction of components, but also strict control over the quality of its suppliers has led to the formation of an efficient scoring system and audit system.

Nomo has always insisted on maintaining first-class suppliers in the industry to maintain efficient and close cooperation and grow together. Different enterprises in the supply chain sharing the information through the construction of cross-platform information system, ensure the accurate and timely delivery of information in the supply system and ensure the smooth running of business processes. The adoption of these measures, not only effectively control the cost, but also quickly respond to the needs of the terminal market. It is through the joint efforts of supply chain partners, created a lasting legend of Nomo products.

Become a supplier

Nomo always puts quality first and that is why we expect our suppliers to become leaders in the industry and being neck and neck with international competitors and pursue sustainable growth. Our suppliers strongly support us by providing innovative products and reliable services, on-time delivery and market pricing. In return, we establish a long-term partnership with them and benefit each other. Do you want to be a supplier of Nomo? If you meet our supplier's basic requirements, send your company and profile email to [email protected].

First, the basic requirements for products and brands

1. Have a good brand reputation in the industry;
2. Good product quality, have strict product quality control system;
3. Have a sound sales and after-sales service;
4. Product have compulsory certification and meets various testing standards (CE, ROSH, etc.).

Second, the basic requirements for suppliers

1. To provide competitive prices and policies to ensure adequate capacity and stable supply;
2. Accept the bill payment or bank acceptance;
3. Agents need to be able to provide a valid brand license by the manufacturers, Manufacturer need to be able to provide the trademark registration documents for the product;
4. Can provide valid corporate documents (business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate);
5 Provide with the general taxpayer qualification, for all the products supplied, can provide special VAT invoices, invoices and the actual procurement of goods consistent;
6. Provide good after-sales service.

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